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Lottery Procedures

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Please click here for the Southern Wake Academy 2018-2019 Application.

Steps to assist with the application process:
  1. Create an account with your name (parent/guardian)
  2. Register for the lottery
  3. Register your child
  4. Pick the Lottery Name (grade)
  5. If there are siblings to enter, select “Add Sibling” on left side menu and repeat steps 3 & 4

The online application is available December 1, 2017 and will be open until 6:30pm March 22, 2018. 

OPEN HOUSE events are to be scheduled for December, January, and February annually.

What is the Lotterease Seal of Transparency and Fairness? When you see the Seal on a school website, you can be confident that your application will be included in the school lottery in a fair and transparent way. 

That is because Lotterease is an independent automated lottery system that the school uses to manage their lottery and waitlist.  Since Lotterease is an independent system, the school staff do not have the ability to manipulate or adjust the lottery outcome.  They must work within the requirements of the system. In addition, all activity that takes place with your application is tracked in a history log that you can view at any time by logging into the parent portal.

If the school you want your child to attend displays the Lotterease Seal of Transparency and Fairness, you can rest assured that you child will get their fair chance to attend the school.

Southern Wake Academy (SWA) admits students without regard to race, sex, disabilities, color, religion, or national or ethnic origin.  All students who live in North Carolina are eligible to apply for admission.  Families provide transportation for SWA students.  

In accordance with state charter school law, siblings will be given admission priority as follows:

  1. Current SWA students and/or siblings of SWA graduates;
  2. Children of any staff member or board member; and
  3. Siblings of newly accepted applicants during the lottery process.

Each sibling must complete and submit an application in order to be considered for admission.   

Application Procedures:

  • Prospective students are to submit a completed application for admission during the Open Application Period to be considered for the following school year.
  • Applications arriving during the Open Application Period will be placed into the lottery application pool.  Applications arriving after the Open Application Period will be assigned to a “Waiting List” category.  
  • The annual lottery dates will be published on the SWA website each year.
  • Prior to the lottery, the administration will determine the number of students to be accepted, using the following priority order:
    1. Total number of students for the school;
    2. Total number of students for the middle school;
    3. Total number of students for the high school;
    4. Total number of students in each grade level or program.
  • The school administration will ask all current students/families to return anIntent to Return form to help determine the number of available slots for the following year.
  • On an announced date each March, the Director’s designee will randomly draw Lottery Identification Numbers corresponding to the numbers assigned during a public lottery until all slots have been filled in each grade level.
  • Once slots are filled, the administration will file remaining applications in numerically sequential order to be followed in filling any future available slots.
  • Applications for siblings of students accepted will be given priority as noted above.
  • Upon completion of the lottery selection process, results will be posted on the SWA website.
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