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PowerSchool is a best-in-class, robust platform designed to streamline school operations, provide valuable insights into operations and classroom performance, empower teachers, and drive student growth.

If you would like to access the page, make sure you have your username and password, then log in to the Parent Portal.

PowerSchool boasts innovative, leading technology that enhances all aspects of school administration, classroom instruction, and family engagement.

This is Joseph Haynes of Southern Wake Academy. As you know, I’ve been managing Powerschool login issues and I wanted to post a quick little thing here for a consistent issue almost every parent has had involving the mobile app for Powerschool.

For the App, when you first open it and try to sign in, it asks for a district code. Normally, you can find the district code on the main Powerschool portal when you sign in at your computer, but for unknown reasons, this code isn’t working for us! So, here is a roundabout way to get logged in!

Open the Powerschool App. On the main page, click the blue text that says “Where is my District Code?”

On the “District Code Help” page, scroll to the bottom and click the “Search for your District” button.

On the “Search for Powerschool” page, scroll to the bottom and notice the “PowerSchool Server Address” box. In that box, type “” and click submit.

It will take you back to the login screen and the District code will be filled out as “****” and you can log in as normal!

It’s not the most ideal method, but until Powerschool can let us know why our District Code isn’t working, it’s what we have.

Please email me at with any Powerschool questions you may have and I will get back to you as quickly as I can!

Thank you and GO LIONS!

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