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Welcome Lions!

Dear Families of SWA,

I want to first welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year! We have been working hard all summer to get ready for this year. I do believe that this year is going to be a game-changing year in the life of SWA. Over the past few years we have been amazed by the rapid growth as well as the many changes that were brought our way but we are thriving as one of the best schools in the state!

One of the things that we have realized is that SWA has a mission statement but does not have a vision statement. Our vision statement should encompass not only who we are, but also where we are going. It should bring unity throughout the entire school because we are all striving for the same vision. I want SWA to adopt our new vision statement that incorporates our mascot, the lion, to make it easier for everyone to remember! This vision statement has to be lived, day in and day out. This is what our school stands for. This is what our school believes in. This is how our school functions in order to give our students the best education. SWA is going to be a positive nurturing environment that will foster respect. This will be displayed everywhere throughout the school. The vision statement is

Life-long learners

Involved in the community

Obtaining academic excellence

Nurturing relationships

Succeeding in school and in the world

As principal of Southern Wake Academy my most important job is to keep your child safe. If a child doesn’t feel safe at school then he/she will not learn. We have implemented some new things this year that will enhance the safety and security of all our students. If you have not registered for the PikMyKid app, please do so! I need 100% participation in order for this to work. We are sending out instructions again today just in case you missed it last week.

Our emphasis this year is developing relationships! We are enhancing communication to everyone so you will never feel left out and will always know what is going on in the life of SWA. Developing relationships with each child is crucial in the life of SWA. I do believe that we have the best faculty and staff that are prepared and excited to invest in your family! Your voice is important to us! Getting to know you more is important to us!

As your principal, I want to promise and display these key practices for the 2017-2018 school year, but I can’t do it alone so I will always say “WE”.  

We will be shaping a vision of academic success for ALL students.

We will create a climate that is hospitable to education.

We will cultivate leadership in others.

We will improve instruction.

We will always put students first!

This year is going to be absolutely amazing! I am so excited to have all our SWA families to return in a few days! It is such an honor to serve as your principal of SWA! Welcome Back!


Mr. D. Thomas
Southern Wake Academy


Supply Lists


Please note there have been some changes in the middle school supply list. The previous post has been updated with the correct information, as well as the Supply List page under the Current Students menu.

We hope everyone’s having a great summer!


Supply Lists

Please click on the following links for updated supply lists:

Middle School Supply List

High School Supply List

These can be found throughout the year, here.

Daily Schedules 2017-2018

High School

Period         Time                          Duration       Class Change Duration

1                   8:00 – 9:33                         93                                         4

2                   9:37 – 11:07                        90                                         4

3*                 11:11 – 1:01                         90 (+20 min. Lunch)             4

4                   1:05 – 2:35                         90                                          4                                   

Middle School

Period        Time                          Duration        Class Change Duration

1                   8:00 – 8:51                           51                                      3

2                   8:54 – 9:45                           51                                      3

3                   9:48 – 10:39                         51                                      3

4                   10:42 – 11:33                       51                                       3

5*                 11:36 – 12:47                        51   (+20 min. Lunch)         3

6                   12:50– 1:41                          51                                       3

7                     1:44 – 2:35                         51                                       3


6th Grade Supply List

Even though summer just started, don’t get caught in August without the proper back-to-school supplies!

Please use the attached list when preparing supplies for rising 6th grade students and their core classes.

6th Grade Supply List

Go Lions!

Save The Date for Student Orientation

Ninth Grade Student & Parent Orientation: Aug. 21st from 4 to 6 pm
Sixth Grade Student Orientation: Aug. 22nd from 9 to 11 am

~There will be a welcome breakfast for new 6th grade parents in the Multipurpose Room during the student orientation. 

Summer Enrichment


Our numbers are down for Summer Enrichment as of now. If more students do not register by June 1st, we will have to cancel the first 2 weeks of the program. If you are planning on attending, please get your information and payment in as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Summer Enrichment Application 2017

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