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Student Athlete Eligibility Requirements

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School Hours

Class Hours


  • Must follow SWA attendance policy, which requires students to miss no more than 19 days for the previous semester and includes all absences. A student may appeal the SWA policy for extenuating circumstances to the Director. The Director’s decisions are final.
  • SWA requires the student athlete to be present at least a half-day to participate in practices, scrimmages, and/or meetings for that day. Student athletes must be present for a half-day on the prior Friday to be eligible to participate in a Saturday game or practice.


  • Must meet promotion requirements at their school to be eligible for the fall semester.
  • Must earn passing grades in five subjects during each semester in order to be eligible for participation during the succeeding semester.
  • During a sports season, an SWA student athlete will be placed on athletic probation after the first nine weeks in which the student athlete’s grades are below 1.5 GPA and also not passing five subjects or more. Students may continue to practice and play as long as a tutoring plan is in place with the teacher of the subjects they are failing. If the student-athlete does not meet the academic eligibility requirements at the semester grades, the student athlete will become ineligible to practice, scrimmage, or play until such time as the academic requirements are met.
  • SWA also requires a cumulative overall grade point average in all work completed at SWA of 1.5 or above.


  • Must be a properly enrolled student at SWA and attend SWA on a regular basis.

Medical Examination

  • Must receive a medical examination once every 365 days by a duly licensed physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant.
  • Must be released by a licensed physician if absent from athletic practice for five or more days due to illness or injury.

Other SWA Requirements

  • Must not be convicted of a felony in this or any other state, or adjudicated as a delinquent for an offense that would be a felony if committed by an adult in this or any other state.
  • May not play, sit on the bench, or practice if ineligible.
  • To maintain amateur status, the athlete must not accept money or awards having utilitarian value (golf balls, clubs, tennis rackets and balls).
  • Must not have signed a professional contract, played on a junior college team, or be enrolled and attending class in college.

Other SWA Policy

  • May not participate in practice or play the same day if student has been removed from a classroom for behavior or Out-of-School Suspension (OSS).
  • May not participate at a second school against SWA in the same sport season.
  • The coach determines playing time of student athletes; however, playing time is generally earned based on academic performance, positive behavior in school and at school events, appropriate participation in sports meetings and practices, and talent and ability.
  • The coach, Athletic Director, or Director may limit or suspend player participation for unsportsmanlike behavior deemed detrimental to the image of SWA. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to: technical fouls, yellow/red cards, taunting of opponents players, etc. A student athlete may appeal a suspension to the Director. The Director’s decision is final.

Student Code of Responsibility

As a student athlete, I understand and accept the following responsibilities:

  • I will respect the rights and beliefs or others and will treat others with courtesy and consideration.
  • I will be fully responsible for my own actions and the consequences of my actions.
  • I will respect the property of others.
  • I will respect and obey the rules of my school and laws of my community, state, and country.
  • I will show respect to those who are responsible for enforcing the rules of my school and the laws of my community, state, and country.
  • I understand that a student whose character or conduct violates the school’s Athletic Code or School Code of Responsibility could be deemed ineligible for a period of time as determined by the principal or school system Administration.

Southern Wake Academy Student-Athlete Eligibility Requirements

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