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Code of Conduct

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If you have a concern to discuss with a coach, this is the procedure you should follow:

  1. Call or e-mail the coach to schedule an appointment.
  2. If the coach cannot be reached, call the Athletic Director; he/she will set a meeting for you.
  3. Please do not attempt to confront a coach before or after a contest or practice. These can be emotional times for both the parent and the coach. Meetings of this nature usually do not promote positive resolutions.
  4. Confrontation of an inappropriate and aggressive nature can be grounds for suspension of anyone from attendance at future SWA athletic contests. The Director’s decision is final.

Appropriate/Inappropriate concerns to discuss with coaches

The following topics are appropriate for discussion:

  • The treatment of your child
  • Ways to help your child improve his/her skills
  • Concerns about your child’s behavior

It is very difficult to accept your child not playing as much as you had hoped. Coaches make decisions based on what they believe to be best for all student athletes involved. As you have seen from the list above, certain things can be and should be discussed with your child’s coach.

Coaches are not expected to respond to questions involving the following topics:

  • Amount of playing time, positioning, and event entry
  • Team strategies, game tactics, play calling
  • Any discussion about other student athletes

Player/Coach conferences

All coaches should have an open-door policy for conferences with players. Players need to have confidence that their concerns will be heard and addressed with respect and confidentiality in a timely manner.

Parent/Coach/Player conferences

If a parent/coach conference is scheduled (by appointment), SWA recommends the following guidelines:

  • The coach will meet with the parent or two parents or guardians of one player at a time. The coach is not expected to approve requests to meet with larger groups.

Parent/Guardian/Spectator sportsmanship expectations:

  • Remember that s/he is at a contest to support and yell for the team and to enjoy the skill and competition, not to intimidate or ridicule the other team and its fans.
  • Remember that school athletics are learning experiences for students and that mistakes are sometimes made. Praise student athletes in their attempt to improve themselves as students, as athletes, and as people as you would praise a student working in the classroom.
  • Show respect for the opposing players, coaches, spectators and support groups. Treat them as if they are a guest in your home.
  • Refrain from taunting or making any kind of derogatory remarks to the opponents during the game.
  • Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials. Understand that they are doing their best to help promote the student athlete, and admire their willingness to participate in full view of the public.

SWA Coach, Player and Student-Athlete Code of Conduct (PDF)

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