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Standard Uniform

Southern Wake Academy has a dress code that ensures all students are dressed in a manner that promotes school pride and presents a positive impression in the community during internships, job-shadowing activities, and community service projects. As a condition of being enrolled at SWA, students agree to comply with the dress code and are, thus, expected to follow it daily. Students arriving at school in non-compliant clothing will be asked to return home to change. The code is as follows:

  • Pants will be business-casual type slacks that are loose fitting, not tight. Pants may be purchased from the school’s designated uniform vendor or a reasonable facsimile of such as approved in advance by the administration. The color of the pants can be khaki, navy blue, or black. Sweat pants, jeans, leggings, yoga pants, or tights are not acceptable.
  • Shirts will be polo-type shirts and are to be purchased from the designated uniform vendor and will bear the school emblem. The Board will designate the colors of the shirts.
  • Skirts/Shorts are allowed as long as they are knee-length. Color should be khaki, navy blue, or black.
  • Hats are not to be worn inside the school building.
  • Belt tips will not hang below the waistline.
  • Shoes will have closed toes – no flip flops/sandals. Tennis shoes are acceptable.
  • Hair will be of a “natural” color. Green, pink, blue, purple, etc. colors are not acceptable.
  • Shorts, tennis shoes, and t-shirts are allowed for approved physical education activities.

Dress Down Days

Occasionally – either for a fundraiser or for a fun break from routine – we may schedule “dress down days” at school. Rules for the correct attire on these days are posted at the school. Some dress down days are part of “Spirit Week” and the specific requirements for dress will be communicated. A dress down day uses the following rules for appropriate dress:

  • Apparel cannot have vulgar or tasteless statements on them.
  • Clothing cannot be revealing or provocative in any way.

Game Days

Team members are allowed to dress up with more dressy attire in lieu of their uniform: shirt/blouse or shirt/tie for their game attendance.

Click Here for a printable version of the dress code.

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