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Attendance Policy

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SWA Attendance Policy

Regular daily class attendance is essential in the educational process. Students are required to attend school in compliance with North Carolina public school laws and academic requirements of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Because the majority of work is done during the school day, regular attendance is the backbone of success at SWA. The student, the parents/guardians, and the school are all responsible for maintaining a high level of school attendance in order to preserve the instructional integrity of the academic program.

SWA’s policies are in accordance with NC G.S. 115C, Rules and Regulation of the State Board of Education Governing Compulsory School Attendance and Student Accounting.

  • A student must be present at least one-half of the school’s instructional day in order to be recorded present for that day.
  • Parents/guardian must notify the attendance office ( within 2 days of student’s return to school with valid reason or the absences will be recorded as unexcused.
    • NC Lawful Absences:
      • Illness or Injury
      • Medical or Dental Appointment
      • Death in the Family
      • Court or Administrative Proceedings
      • Religious Observance
      • Educational Opportunity
      • Child Care
      • Quarantine
      • Local School Board Policy
      • Absence related to Deployment Activities
    • Excessive Absenteeism
      • Any student who accrues 10 absences in one semester or 20 absences in a year-long course may receive a failing grade for the course(s)
      • Any student who accrues more than 10 consecutive absences (unexcused) without contacting the school will be withdrawn in accordance with state regulations
    • Tardiness
      • Parents must walk tardy students into school and sign them in with a valid reason for late arrival
      • Students arriving later than one-half of the school’s instructional day will be recorded as absent
      • Driving students with valid parking passes may have parking pass suspended after 6 unexcused tardies
    • Early Dismissal
      • Students being dismissed earlier than one-half of the school’s instructional day will be recorded as absent
      • Parents must come into the school and sign student out for early dismissal with a valid reason for dismissal


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