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Meet Our Faculty and Staff

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David Thomas – Principal

Carroll Reed – Senior Advisor

Winnie Lameck – Assistant Principal/Middle School Director

Lori Tryon – Assistant Principal

Morgan Carlton – High School Counselor 

 Shawn Taylor– Middle School Counselor

Janice Stowell– EC Director

Vickie Mangum – Office Manager

Alicia Hatcher – Office Assistant

Jennifer Larsen-Neumann – Public Relations Coordinator

Jeanne Driver – Financial Assistant and HR Coordinator

Lisa Notini – Registrar, High School Testing Coordinator

Michelle Baker – AIG Coordinator, Licensure Specialist

Scharmin Clifton – Facilities Assistant

Coach: Cross Country

Maria Smith – Information Technology, Attendance, Middle School Testing Coordinator

Mike Heavey – Director of Development


Cynthia Berniak – Middle School EC Teacher

Brythe Blankenship – High School Social Studies

Coach: Women’s Basketball

Tawanda Booker- STEM

Pierce Conway– Middle School Electives/Inquiry

Maryellen Cox – Middle School Language Arts

Rick Cross – ISS, Testing Lab, Security

Coach: Soccer, Men’s Basketball, Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee

Joshua Crump– High School CTE

Ron Davenport – Athletic Director, Health & PE and CTE

Coach: Varsity Baseball

Shawn Dayton – 7th Grade Science and Spanish

Karolyn Emore – High School Language Arts

Amanda Fox – Middle School Science

Dawn Giasi – Exceptional Children/ Self-Contained

Gregg Godwin – 6th Grade Social Studies

Stephen Harris – Occupational Course of Study

Arlie Honeycutt – High School Theater

Hannah Inman – High School English 

Coach: Cheerleading

Elizabeth Jutton– High School OCS

Cynthia Keesee – Middle School Language Arts

Robert Keller– Middle School Health/PE

Ryan Kimball – High School Business/ CTE

Brenda Kintner – Middle School Literacy Teacher

Keith Knight– High School Math

Kristen Konas– High School EC

Stephen Kralovich – Middle School Math

Christine Latus – High School Spanish 

Michele Lester– 8th Grade Math/Math I

Russell McBride – High School Social Studies/ Google Administrator

Dayle McConnell – EC Teacher Assistant

Dana McCrystal – Middle School Math

Amy Morgan – Middle School Science 

Colby Morin – High School Biology

Deanna Mullins – High School Math

Coach: Cheerleading

Michelle Narlock– Middle School EC

Noha Nasrallah – High School Math

Spenser Nelson – Middle School Social Studies

Suzanne Norris– EC Teacher Assistant

Jacob Parson – High School Social Studies

Melissa Paschal – Middle School EC Teacher

Mikel Peterson– 8th Grade ELA

Ashley Powell – Middle School Health/PE

Sarah Powell – 8th Grade Health/PE

Dan Ralston – OCS Teacher

Christopher Anderson Reed – Director of Music

Stacy Rice – High School English and Yearbook

Kevin Richmeier– High School Math

Michelle Robichaux– EC Teacher Assistant

Anthony Rosado– High School EC

Paula Ruggiero– High School English

Melissa Rygalski – Middle School Art

Matthew Sadler – High School Elective Teacher

Trista Schloop– High School Science

Laura Simmons – Middle School STEM

Jeremy Thomas – Middle School Social Studies/ Instructional Support

Coach: Co-Ed Soccer, Middle School Baseball

Jennifer Walker – Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics Teacher

Mike Watkins – High School History

Sarah Whitney – High School Art

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