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Kindness Boomerang Art Contest

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In celebration of The Great Kindness Challenge, SWA is holding a contest for students to create a piece of artwork, a photograph, write a poem, essay, or song that allows you to showcase how one person’s kind words or actions create a ripple effect that can change the world for good.

We have extended the entrance deadline to Jan. 27th to encourage participation. Please remind students about the contest.

Turn your completed Kindness Boomerang into Mrs. Connelly or Mrs. Emore. A prize for top middle school and high school winners will be awarded on Friday, February 10th after the “One Voice” anti-­bullying assembly.

High school students may work in Mrs. Whitney’s studio after school each day except for Thursday. Middle school students can work in Ms. Rygalski’s studio. See her for particular days and times. Please note: Students may need to bring their own supplies.

Click here to learn more about the National Kindness Challenge.

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