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PSAT on October 14, 2015

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The PSAT will be administered at Southern Wake Academy on Wednesday, October 14, 2015th . It is recommended that all 10th graders take this test and any 11th graders that either missed it or need additional review. This test provides practice for the SAT and gives the student feedback and what areas they need to work on before taking the SAT. Scoring well on this test can qualify your student for the National Merit scholarship.

The fee for taking this test is $15.00 per student, as this is what we have to pay for the test.

​Students will get ​an ​opportunity to sign up for the PSAT with their teachers and during Advisory next Wednesday​,​ September 30.

​**​Checks should be made payable to SWA and should arrive prior to October 7th to reserve a spot. ​Students should turn their money in to Mrs. Nasrallah.

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