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Important Update: PE Uniforms

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Dress code and PE attire: Now that we have a brand new gym, we have to think about a dress code policy for the Physical Education classes. It is never our intent to cause a financial hardship on anyone in regards to purchasing the required clothing. Our goal is uniformity. I have heard from several parents saying that the price for the PE attire is way too expensive through Lands’ End, especially with the logo on it. Dressing out for the PE classes is a requirement this year. With this requirement and with the price being higher through Lands’ End, we are allowing parents to purchase the PE attire from other stores. The PE attire is the ONLY attire that can be purchased outside of Lands’ End. The everyday school attire MUST be purchased through Lands’ End and MUST have our school logo on it. The PE attire MUST be a black t-shirt and gray KNEE LENGTH gym shorts. The logo is NOT required for the PE attire. Parents, please help us in enforcing the dress code policy by making sure your child is wearing the approved attire before leaving your home in the morning.

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