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Afternoon Carpool

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We are working hard to get carpool down to under twenty minutes. Last Friday we were able to get all cars off the road in twenty-five minutes.

Each family will be assigned a specific carpool number. You will be sent two hang-tags with your number on it, please hang that tag on your rear-view mirror once you enter the carpool line and do not remove it until you leave the campus.

Until you receive your hang tags, please write your child’s name on a piece of paper large enough for us to read. Make sure you also indicate on this sheet if you are in the 6th grade only lane or 6th and 7-12th grade lane.

Also, please turn your flashers on once you enter the carpool lane and leave them on until you leave the campus.

We are working hard to make sure the afternoon traffic flow goes as quickly as possible. All schools have to work out ways to get cars in and out of the campus as quickly as possible. Getting ours down to twenty minutes or less is something that other schools would love to be able to do.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to work out the kinks with our system.

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