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New Building Update

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One of our most exciting summer experiences has been watching the new school building progress and move toward completion. We are communicating with you herein primarily to update you on the construction schedule and potential impact upon the opening of school. Please note the following:

School is scheduled to open on Thursday, 27 August 2015. Students will be housed in our facilities as follows:
Grade 6: Building 1 (the first modular as you enter the campus)
Grades 7-12: The new building
If our new building is not completed and if we do not have a Certificate of Occupancy which allows us to enter the building for work and school, we have an alternative plan so that we can begin on 27 August.

The major points of the alternative plan are these:
Grades 6-8: School hours will be 8:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Grades 9-12: School hours will be 12:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Should we need to use this schedule, we will provide carpool lane/driving/parking instructions later.
Should we have to run the alternative schedule, we will use Buildings 1 and 2 (two modular buildings) on the campus. Also, we will provide additional information much closer to the opening of school and as we have it to pass along.

We DO NOT anticipate having to use the alternative plan, but we wanted to make you aware that there is a possibility and that we do have an alternative plan, thus providing you with time to make arrangements if we have to implement it.

There are three major areas of construction that could potentially hold up our opening the new building on time:

(1) The concrete subfloor on each floor has sustained repeated soakings over the summer from the above average rainfall BEFORE the roof and windows were totally in place to protect the floors. The tile flooring cannot be installed until the moisture level of the subfloors reaches a specific percentage; we are not there yet. Thus, the flooring may delay the project with still some uncertainty of the start date for tile installation. The HVAC system is being used to ‘dry’ the floor as much as possible. We hope that part of the project will begin very soon!

(2) The elevator company would not make the elevator car until all three floors were completed and they were able to measure the entire elevator shaft once completed. With rain delays, the third floor was not completed in time for the manufacturer to have the elevator here until August 17. We are working with the town to obtain approval to operate school without the elevator for a few days as needed. The contractor is working to ensure safety regarding the elevator should it not be completed on time.

(3) The gymnasium flooring contractor, too, could not begin until that floor was dry enough for installation. They have begun putting in that floor which will take approximately four weeks to complete prior to the bleachers being installed; thus, we have about five weeks until the gymnasium will be ready. The GOOD NEWS is that the gymnasium does not have an impact upon our obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy.

We realize that we have provided much detail but did so because we wanted you to have the information about the status of the project and the potential impact upon our beginning the school year. As we get closer to the beginning of school, we will give you updates so that you will know if we will have to run the alternative schedule or be able to begin on 27 August in the new building and on the regular schedule.

Please take time to review with your family the information herein and be prepared should we need to implement the alternative. At this time, we anticipate that we will begin moving teachers’ materials and other furnishings into the new building during the week of August 17-21. We will send out a ‘Sign-up Genius’ to ask for volunteers to help with that project.

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