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Snow Make Up Days Posted

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The following dates are snow make up days (10 total):

  • February 17 (Monday): was a Teacher Workday
  • February 22 (Saturday): moved from 14 February
  • March 1 (Saturday)
  • March 10 (Monday): FULL DAY OF SCHOOL – No Early Release
  • March 14 (Friday): was a Teacher Workday
  • March 15 (Saturday)
  • March 27 (Thursday): FULL DAY OF SCHOOL – was a portfolio conference day
  • Portfolio dates: Friday-Saturday, 28-29 March
  • April 18 (Good Friday): was a holiday, now a school day (Early Release)
  • May 31 (Saturday): regular day for middle school, testing review day for high school EOCs
  • June 11: one additional day at the end of the school year

The make-up schedule is consistent with the approved calendar for 2013-2014, using Saturdays as primary make-up days. We will follow the EARLY RELEASE schedule on all Saturday school days.

As always, check back frequently (both on the main page and the Events Calendar) for the latest calendar updates.