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PTO Classroom School Supplies Kit Campaign

The SWA PTO is pleased to announce the opportunity to purchase school supplies for the upcoming 2019/20 school year for your student. Each school supplies kit has the required supplies each grade level have requested. These kits will be delivered free of charge to the school prior to the beginning of the school year and distributed to the students. Ordering is easy and online.

Please visit the company’s website by the ordering deadline of July 1, 2019 if you wish to purchase. Late orders cannot be accepted or fulfilled.

       Enter: 27540

       Select: Southern Wake Academy

       Select: Your student’s 2019/20 grade level

Additional supplies and accessories, such as required calculators, backpacks, water bottles, etc…are available to purchase and will be delivered to your student with their school supplies kit.

Any fundraising monies collected during this campaign will be used to purchase additional kits for students in need as determined by school administrators. The company also offers the opportunity to purchase and donate a kit.  Every $12.50 equals 1 Parent volunteer hour for each kit you donate.

Please contact Tiffani Davis, with any questions.



Our Mission Statement

Southern Wake Academy will utilize an integrated, community-based curriculum to sustain a challenging and supportive learning environment for students of all ability levels, particularly those students whose success has been deemed “at-risk” in traditional school settings.  SWA will provide an engaging environment where students develop an understanding of life-long learning and citizenship by participating in internships in a variety of community settings.

Our Vision Statement

Life-long learners

Involved in the community

Obtaining academic excellence

Nurturing relationships

Succeeding in school and in the world

Charter Agreement

Advisory Program

SWA students each have an advisor with whom they meet weekly to discuss their academic program, schedule hands-on experiences, and receive guidance with challenges they may be facing. Advisors also lead the quarterly portfolio conferences. Read more ❯

Portfolio Conference

Quarterly portfolio conferences are an opportunity for SWA students to present their best work in all subjects to an advisor and parents/guardian. These conferences promote self-evaluation, advocacy skills, and action plans for continued learning. Read more ❯

Community Service

SWA students complete 30 hours of community service each year. These experiences build self-confidence, responsibility, and life skills. Students present their community service experience and what they learned at each portfolio review. Read more ❯


Each SWA senior completes a career-related internship. In addition to providing real-life experience, the internship is invaluable at helping the student build a résumé, prepare for college entry, and establish a mentoring relationship with a professional. Read more ❯

Honors Classes

SWA offers a variety of honors classes for its outstanding students. Honors classes currently are offered in English, Civics and Economics, and U.S. History. Exceptional students also are invited to join the Beta Club, an honors organization. Read more ❯

Teaching Exceptional Children at SWA

SWA has an excellent reputation for providing a quality education and inclusion for its students with special needs. Students receive individual curriculum planning from highly trained and experienced teachers. They also benefit from SWA’s smaller classes. Read more ❯

NC Standard Course of Study

North Carolina’s Standard Course of Study determines competencies for each grade level and high school course with a rigorous set of academic standards that is uniform across the state. SWA’s teachers are very experienced and skilled in teaching this course of study.  Read more ❯

Job Shadow

Each SWA student completes and documents four job-shadow experiences a year. These opportunities provide exploration of possible career choices, an understanding of how education translates into real-life skills, and a greater sense of direction. Read more ❯

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