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Land’s End Uniform Site

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A Letter From the Principal

Dear Parents,

The first day of school is approaching fast and we are so excited to have the students back from summer break! You will be getting a welcome letter from me in the next few days but I wanted to go ahead and send this out. Our number one priority at SWA is the safety of our students. If the students don’t feel safe then they won’t be able to learn. We are excited about a new carpool program that is going to change the way we dismiss in the afternoon. This program is going to enhance the safety and security of all our students. Upon dismissal at 2:35, all our students will remain in their last period class instead of being let out to roam around campus until their ride gets here. This program is only going to work if we have 100% participation from ALL our parents. This program is called PikMyKid. It is an app that you download to your smartphone. Upon arrival to our campus in the afternoon, you will open that app and announce that you have arrived. There will be a stop sign on our campus to indicate when you are to announce on the app that you have arrived. The teachers will have a screen projected on the wall that the students and teachers will watch and when you announce you have arrived at the designated area, your child’s name will show up on the screen and they will be dismissed from class to go to your car. We will be able to watch all this in real time on our computers in the school!

This will also track all our students and let us know who is still on campus once carpool is over. There are settings in this app where you can designate someone else to pick up your child as well because I know many of our families carpool together. We are sending you the steps to download and navigate through the app. I know many of you will have tons of questions and since this a new program to our school we are going to be fine-tuning it over the first few days or weeks. There’s also a support email that you can reach out to if you have any questions or have trouble. There are videos that will also guide you through this process.

There are so many other cool things that this program will do for you and for our school. If you need to check your child out of school early you can use the app to do so and it will alert us. If you know that your child has an appointment in the future, you can place that on your child’s calendar in the app and it will also alert us. If your child has an afterschool activity on campus, whether it be a club, sports or tutoring, we will be able to see that as well.

If you do not have a smartphone, don’t worry, we have you covered too! All our students are loaded into the system and given a three or four digit number. You will be given that number so when you are in the carline, you will display that number and the staff who have duty outside will input that in our system and your child will come up on the screen. If your child walks home you can indicate that on the app as well and we can dismiss him/her to go home. If your child drives they will be able to leave upon dismissal and we will make note of that as well.

The best part about this is the fact that we will be able to keep track of your child and they will not be able to leave with anyone unless it is their parents/guardians or someone you have designated on the app or have given that person the identification number that is specific to your child. This is just one more way for you to rest easy knowing that your child is kept safe here at SWA! Please see the information below on how to get started and view the PDF file on the steps. Remember, in order for this to be effective, we need ALL our parents/families to participate! It is going to be a fantastic year!

Mr. Thomas

Link to parent training video
Password:  pikmykid

See PDF file for steps!
PMK Parent Manual 2017

Supply Lists


Please note there have been some changes in the middle school supply list. The previous post has been updated with the correct information, as well as the Supply List page under the Current Students menu.

We hope everyone’s having a great summer!


Supply Lists

Please click on the following links for updated supply lists:

Middle School Supply List

High School Supply List

These can be found throughout the year, here.

Daily Schedules 2017-2018

High School

Period         Time                          Duration       Class Change Duration

1                   8:00 – 9:33                         93                                         4

2                   9:37 – 11:07                        90                                         4

3*                 11:11 – 1:01                         90 (+20 min. Lunch)             4

4                   1:05 – 2:35                         90                                          4                                   

Middle School

Period        Time                          Duration        Class Change Duration

1                   8:00 – 8:51                           51                                      3

2                   8:54 – 9:45                           51                                      3

3                   9:48 – 10:39                         51                                      3

4                   10:42 – 11:33                       51                                       3

5*                 11:36 – 12:47                        51   (+20 min. Lunch)         3

6                   12:50– 1:41                          51                                       3

7                     1:44 – 2:35                         51                                       3


6th Grade Supply List

Even though summer just started, don’t get caught in August without the proper back-to-school supplies!

Please use the attached list when preparing supplies for rising 6th grade students and their core classes.

6th Grade Supply List

Go Lions!

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